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A Traitor’s Grave

Tuesday August 5, King’s Highway

Having turned back the attack on Crow’s Bridge, we headed south to rejoin the Legion in another small town called Otter Ferry. On our way we met a force of our own men hurrying in the opposite direction, who gave us ill news.

The vanguard of our army, twenty thousand men, has been camped near Otter Ferry for two days now. The mayor of that village must have guessed our plan to cross the Scamander River behind the main enemy force, and to attack them by surprise.

Perhaps in the cowardly hope that he would be spared when the Dark sacked Madrigal, the mayor intends to betray us to the enemy. A quick death will be too good for him, but we will have time for nothing else.

One of the locals knows of the clearing where the mayor arranged his meeting with the Dark, and will lead us there.

  1. [1] Crow’s Bridge: A small town outside of the major city of Madrigal. 
  2. [2] Otter Ferry: Another small town outside of Madrigal. 
  3. [3] Scamander River: The main river in the southwest of the continent, flowing from the Cloudspine to the ocean.  
  4. [4] Madrigal: One of the Free Cities of the North. 


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