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  1. Prologue
  2. Crow’s Bridge
    Wednesday August 3
    Crow’s Bridge
  3. A Traitor’s Grave
    Tuesday August 5
    King’s Highway
  4. The Siege of Madrigal
    Friday August 8
    Otter Ferry
  5. Homecoming
    Monday September 15
    Outskirts of Tyr
  6. Flight From Covenant
    Monday September 15
    Shepherd’s Gate, Covenant
  7. Force Ten From Stoneheim
    Friday November 7
    The Plain of Scales
  8. Bagrada
    Wednesday November 12
    Fool’s Traverse, Bagrada
  9. Ambush at Devil’s Overlook
    Friday November 14
    Devil’s Overlook, Bagrada
  10. The Five Champions
    Wednesday November 19
    The Barrier
  11. Out of the Barrier
    Wednesday November 19
    The Barrier
  12. Silvermines
    Sunday November 30
    Outskirts of Silvermines
  13. Shadow of the Mountain
    Sunday November 30
    Foothills of the Cloudspine
  1. Seven Gates
    Sunday December 7
    Seven Gates
  2. Forest Heart
    Tuesday May 19
    The Edge of Forest Heart
  3. Heart of the Stone
    Date Unknown
    Inside The Tain
  4. The Smiths of Muirthemne
    Date Unknown
    Inside The Tain
  5. Sons of Myrgard
    Sunday May 23
    Near Myrgard
  6. A Long Awaited Party
    Tuesday May 24
  7. The Road North
    Monday June 15
    The Edge of the Dire Marsh
  8. Across the Gjol
    Wednesday June 24
    The South Bank of the Gjol
  9. The Watcher
    Thursday June 25
    Near The Watcher’s Camp
  10. River of Blood
    Monday July 20
    Outside Rhi’anon
  11. Pools of Iron
    Tuesday July 21
  12. The Last Battle
    Tuesday July 21
    The Fortress
  13. The Great Devoid
    Tuesday July 21
    The Great Devoid