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The Siege of Madrigal

Friday August 8, Otter Ferry

Our vanguard has crossed the Scamander unchallenged and remains hidden on the southern bank of the river. Their assault will begin two hours after midnight against Shiver’s right flank, at the same time the Madrigal garrison throws open the Gate of Storms and attacks her from the front.

But I won’t be anywhere near Madrigal when this happens. An hour before the main attack a small group of men and I will head in the opposite direction and strike at the enemy camp alone, hoping to divert forces and attention from the city before the real battle begins.

The plan is to fight our way across a bridge and into the captured village of Comfort. From there we’ll locate the enemy camp and create as much of a diversion as possible.

Every thrall that remains in the camp to deal with us is one less that our main force must hack to pieces at Madrigal.

  1. [1] Scamander River: The main river in the southwest of the continent, flowing from the Cloudspine to the ocean.  
  2. [2] Shiver: One of the Fallen Lords. 
  3. [3] Madrigal: One of the Free Cities of the North. 
  4. [4] Comfort: Yet another small town outside of Madrigal. 
  5. [5] Thrall: The reanimated corpses of humans who fought against the Fallen Lords and lost. 


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