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Heart of the Stone

Date Unknown, Inside The Tain

I do not understand what has happened. Falling back before two myrmidons in Forest Heart, I was enveloped by a greenish haze which tore me from the earth. Now I find myself here, in a vast underground cavern with many of my comrades. We have been unable to find any way to the surface.

Murgen believes us to be trapped inside the Tain, a relic forged by the Smiths of Muirthemne during the Wind Age. Soon after its construction, the Tain was taken from Muirthemne by raiding barbarians from the south, and believed to be lost forever.

But they say that the darkest artifacts have the ability to bend men to their will. Calling soundlessly to the wicked and discontent from thousands of miles away or hundreds of feet beneath the earth or sea, and that in this way they always come to light again, no matter how buried or forgotten.

So it was that Soulblighter rediscovered the Tain.

The artifact was used only once before it disappeared, by Connacht, against the terrible race of the Myrkridia. Until now, Murgen said, no man except its creators knew where its victims were taken. I’ll try to feel privileged while I starve to death.

I have nothing more to write.

  1. [1] Myrmidons: A race of warriors who betrayed the light when Balor promised them immortality. Three hundred years later, their decayed bodies still walk, held together only by rotting bandages and the desire to rend flesh from the bodies of the living. Myrmidons carry two Gridaksma Blades, composed of a human femur capped on each end with the steel blade of a scythe. 
  2. [2] Forest Heart: An ancient and majestic forest east of the Cloudspine. Home to the peaceful but powerful Forest Giants. 
  3. [3] Murgen: One of the Nine. 
  4. [4] The Tain: An artifact created by the Smiths of Muirthemne during the Empire of the Cath Bruig. 
  5. [5] Muirthemne: Ancient capital of the Empire of the Cath Bruig, home to mighty sorcerers and seat of a great empire. It was completely shattered and destroyed by the Dark. This is the place that the Tain was made. 
  6. [6] Soulblighter: One of the Fallen Lords. 
  7. [7] Connacht: Great hero of the Wind Age, Connacht trapped the Myrkridia in the Tain and imprisoned the Trow. Ruling during a golden age of peace, Connacht disappeared from Muirthemne, and was thought to be dead. 
  8. [8] Myrkridia: A terrible race of flesh-eaters with a limitless capacity for evil. During the Wind Age, the Myrkridia were trapped in the Tain by Connacht and thought destroyed. 


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