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Sunday February 1, The Twelve Duns, south of Rhi’ornin

The Deceiver is deranged, of this I am absolutely convinced. He has brought us here, to The Twelve Duns, closer to the Trow demesne than any sane man has dared in two generations. We are a mere four hours march from the lost city of Rhi’ornin.

The Deceiver claims to be held in high regard by the Trow as a being of “furor poeticus”. He has told us of their battles against the Myrkridia and believes he can win the Trow to our cause.

Apparently the Trow are not convinced that our race is worth fighting for, but they have agreed to do battle with Soulblighter for one year if we can defeat them in a game of their devising. The Trow have placed six flags on the field and, if we can control the majority at the end of a period of time that they deem fair, they will assist us. To wit, we shall send forth our best warriors to do battle with the Trow.

  1. [1] The Deceiver: One of the Fallen Lords who served Balor during the Great War. His rivalry with the other Fallen Lords led to his downfall. He disappeared after the Watcher decimated his army at Seven Gates. 
  2. [2] Trow: The Trow are relics from a forgotten age. During the height of their golden age they were responsible for the creation of many complex megalithic structures, but as their civilization declined they began enslaving their lesser brethren, the Oghres, to construct their cyclopean edifices. Finally, during the Wind Age (after many centuries of domination at the hands of their cruel masters), the Oghres attempted to throw off the shackles of Trow tyranny. The resulting war left the Trow city-states severely weakened and the Oghres extinct. The hero Connacht took advantage of this conflict and entombed the Trow where none would ever discover their barrows, and melted their iron cities into the ice. Since that time, the continent has been free of brutalization at their massive hands. The Trow retreated to the north at the end of the Great War, and have since held a nervous truce with the humans who slew so many of their number during the conflict. Their bitter memories of their own golden age many generations ago have left them with a collective hunger for a return to better times. This urge does not prevent the Trow from exacting a frightful toll upon any who would pass across the land they have claimed as their own. 
  3. [3] Rhi’ornin: The lost city of the Trow. It was the first city to fall during the Trow–Oghre wars. 
  4. [4] Myrkridia: A terrible race of flesh-eaters with a limitless capacity for evil. During the Wind Age, the Myrkridia were trapped in the Tain by Connacht and thought destroyed. 
  5. [5] Soulblighter: Balor's second in command during the Great War. Arguably the most dangerous of the Fallen Lords, his cruelty and ambition knew no bounds. Many think that he was once Damas, one of Connacht's lieutenants. 

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