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Limbs, Heads, And Smoking Craters

Tuesday April 21, Near Soulblighter’s camp, West of the Cloudspine

We are free but not out of danger. In the confusion of the prison break we stumbled upon some sort of assembly area. There are veritable mountains of satchel charges, sagging under their own weight, presumably brought down from Stoneheim. The putrid carcasses of wights, harvested for their baneful polyps and tumors, are strewn everywhere. Cleavers, axes and twisted bits of razor sharp metal fill barrel after barrel and litter the ground. I shudder to think of the destruction Soulblighter must have in mind.

But now that destruction will be wrought on his own army.

We will cause as much damage as we can and then head south to Scales, or possibly to Seven Gates. Traveling through the Tain Shard has left us at a loss as to exactly where in the world we are. The only thing we know for sure is that we are to the west of the Cloudspine.

  1. [1] Stoneheim: Major Dwarven city, captured by the Ghôls during the Great War. 
  2. [2] Wight: A stitched-up corpse, given new life by dark magic as a breeding ground for virulent disease and foul decay.  
  3. [3] Soulblighter: Balor's second in command during the Great War. Arguably the most dangerous of the Fallen Lords, his cruelty and ambition knew no bounds. Many think that he was once Damas, one of Connacht's lieutenants. 
  4. [4] Seven Gates: One of the three passes across the Cloudspine, named for its seven choke-points, and overshadowed by an ancient volcano. Here, in the last year of the Great War, the Legion fought their way through the forces of The Watcher and The Deceiver and entered the Barrier. 
  5. [5] The Tain: An artifact created by the Smiths of Muirthemne during the Empire of the Cath Bruig. 
  6. [6] Cloudspine Mountains: A mountain range spanning the continent,running north to south across its center. An almost impassable barrier, the Cloudspine has only three passes—Bagrada, Seven Gates, and The Stair of Grief. Even these are only passable during the summer months. 


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