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Tuesday September 23, Madrigal

Word was sent to King Alric within moments of our arrival through the World Knot and before an hour had passed we were brought before the throne. King Alric listened intently as Garrick recounted the events leading up to our arrival in Madrigal.

As soon as Garrick was done, King Alric ordered the Seventh Legion through the World Knot to Scales. They have been instructed to seek out Soulblighter’s army and destroy it now, before it grows any larger.

King Alric is convinced that Soulblighter is searching for a man known as The Summoner. He says that the birth of a man “who would resurrect the Myrkridia and visit horrors on the world without equal in history or myth” had been foretold in an ancient tome called the Total Codex.

All that we know of the Myrkridia comes from old songs and half-forgotten legends. They are full of horrifying tales of whole armies being devoured and entire cities being erased from the world. They were eventually defeated by the hero Connacht, who imprisoned them in a powerful artifact called the Tain.

King Alric says we must travel through the World Knot to Covenant and retrieve the Total Codex from the newly rebuilt library. He says that with the Codex we may be able to find The Summoner before Soulblighter can.

According to the journal, a similar expedition was undertaken during the Great War. It seems ironic that sixty years later, we will be going through the same World Knot to retrieve the Codex once again.

  1. [1] Alric: An Avatara of years past, Alric is the only surviving member of the Nine sorcerers who opposed the Fallen Lords during the Great War. Alric reclaimed his throne after defeating Balor. He has spent the last sixty years rebuilding the Province. 
  2. [2] World Knot: Ancient relics which allow near-instant movement from place to place. 
  3. [3] Madrigal: A city in the northwest of the Province, Madrigal was the site of a great battle between Rabican and Shiver during the Great War. Though it was successfully defended by the Light for most of the war, internal strife and the crushing weight of the Dark armies caused its downfall only weeks before the war finally ended. 
  4. [4] Soulblighter: Balor's second in command during the Great War. Arguably the most dangerous of the Fallen Lords, his cruelty and ambition knew no bounds. Many think that he was once Damas, one of Connacht's lieutenants. 
  5. [5] The Summoner: Legends tell of "a man not yet born who would resurrect the myrkridia and visit horrors on the world without equal in history or myth." 
  6. [6] Myrkridia: A terrible race of flesh-eaters with a limitless capacity for evil. During the Wind Age, the Myrkridia were trapped in the Tain by Connacht and thought destroyed. 
  7. [7] Total Codex: A magical book of immense power, in which is written the fate of every creature that will ever be born. 
  8. [8] Connacht: Great hero of the Wind Age, Connacht trapped the Myrkridia in the Tain and imprisoned the Trow. Ruling during a golden age of peace, Connacht disappeared from Muirthemne, and was thought to be dead. Centuries later, Connacht returned as Balor, the Leveler, to raze the continent and lead the Fallen. 
  9. [9] The Tain: An artifact created by the Smiths of Muirthemne during the Empire of the Cath Bruig. 
  10. [10] Covenant: A great city of the Province, Covenant was sacked by the Dark in the Great War. 


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